Have you thought about hiring a Wedding Planner?

As a Wedding Planner, I would just like to point out how important and time-saving as well as money-saving we can be! Not only can I prepare a budget for you both to have an idea of what your wedding really will cost! I have fixed a Grooms buttonhole rose after his wee daughter knocked the rose head clean off… my emergency kit includes almost everything to cope with disasters… I’ve looked after the Brides make-up for touch ups… run around the venue taking photos so the Bride, stuck in her room, could see that everything was “just perfect”… relayed messages from Bride to various people… liaised with Photographer to get timings perfect for “first look” photos – especially when FOB sees his little girl for the first time.. I recommend venues, photographers, bakers and share tips I have learnt over the years! My coverage depends on the Bride and Groom and their needs.. From full coverage, budget/planning advice, to the last 3 weeks before, to On-the-day… having a Wedding Planner doesn’t need to break the bank, but our experience is invaluable! xx